Our Software Product

For the new era of automotive E/E architectures


With the advent of automated driving systems, we are moving towards the age of software-defined vehicles. Self-driving vehicles have to ensure safety under all circumstances. However, the proper handling of vehicle dynamics is challenging, even for a professional driver, which often leads to accidents. Lead by our vision, our patented algorithms in our motion planning and motion control software stack utilizes the whole range of vehicle physical capabilities helping mitigation of accident or, if it is not possible, minimizing the consequences. Additionally, our algorithm adapts flexibly to the different driveline and actuator setups. 


Our motion planner module can plan and re-plan vehicle trajectories based on all the information available in the actual timestep of the driving scenario. It considers not only the optimal reaching of arbitrary mission goals, HD maps, and detection information from perception and V2X systems but the time-space relations of the situation. As a unique feature, the car’s whole range of physical capabilities is considered based on our patented solution. 


Our virtual driver layer provides the accurate tracking of trajectories requested by the planner with a performance that beats even a professional human driver. Adaption to all possible grip levels is ensured while handling various actuators in advanced chassis systems as well as actuator failures.

Your benefits

What we can provide?

Utilization of whole range of vehicle physical capabilities

Current electronic stability programs (ESPs) limit the vehicle trajectories which ensures safety for human driver. Our revolutionary patented solution able safely expand motion flexibility even to handling limits

Flexible adaption to various driveline and actuator setups

Exploitation, adaption and safe handling of growing number of vehicle dynamics actuators (wheel individual- e-motors, steering, suspension, etc.) is not a question any more.

Improved safety and accident avoidance

Planning and driving with the enlarged set of trajectories at friction limits helps mitigating dangerous driving situations or if it is not possible minimizes the consequences

Hardware and OS independent modular design

Our software product was built on a proven automotive toolchain to provide easy integration. Modular structure ensures easy adaption to specific requirements